4 Safety Measures When Brush Clearing Your Land

When clearing out any location with land preparation it is crucial to work with a company that has the applicable experience to do brush clearing. Brush clearing can be a dangerous task and working with a company that takes all applicable safety measures can be important. Here are the top four safety measures to consider when you are brush clearing your land.


A company that uses personal protective equipment is going to be prepared to minimize injuries when accidents occur. Brush clearing can be unpredictable and running any type of heavy equipment without personal protective equipment such as eye protection, a hardhat and earmuffs could put a company liable for injuries and lawsuits.

Using Equipment Properly

Using any type of heavy equipment properly can protect workers on the job site. A staff that is well-trained and has many years of experience using equipment are often better equipped for removing brush.


Proper preparation of the site including completing work with applicable permits, working in safe weather, watching for power lines, and also laying down pesticides on the site can all be important.

Having an Emergency Plan in Place

Emergency safety measures should be put into place if there’s ever an accident on the job site or if things happen to go bad. Managing an emergency response or having safety measures in place can help to save lives.

Consider these top four safety measures when you are participating in brush clearing for your land or when hiring a commercial contractor to brush clear your land.

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