4 Types of Plants To Use on a Deck

If you’ve just installed a deck, the fun part comes when you start decorating. Besides furniture, pillows and lighting, you may want to implement greenery and flowers. When it comes to plants on a deck, you need something beautiful, yet easy to care for. Here are four popular plants to use on your new deck.

  1. Lavender

You might be surprised by the first item on this list, but lavender is very easy to care for. Lavender loves arid conditions and is happiest in full sun. Since it requires minimal watering, it’s perfect for growing on a deck. Plus, you get to enjoy its soothing scent every time you go outside.

  1. Wave Petunias

Wave petunias are similar to regular petunias but are much fuller and last longer. Wave petunias are perfect as hanging plants, in pots or placed in attractive bison aluminum cubes. These flowers are very appetizing to hummingbirds and only require sun, water and the removal of dried flowers.

  1. Herbs

There’s no better spot to plant a small herb garden than right on your deck. Pick your favorites such as oregano, basil, cilantro and¬†lemongrass. Rosemary is another tasty herb to grow and much like lavender, it loves dry conditions. Fresh herbs on the deck are convenient to pick and they smell wonderful.

  1. Miniature Trees

If you live in the city or an area where you have close neighbors, planting small evergreens on your deck increases privacy. You can find miniature potted trees such as arborvitae and cypress that are perfect for enclosing deck space. You can even use small boxwoods and in tropical climates, miniature palms create a nice barrier.

Decorating your deck with plants makes it attractive and provides cover. Plants such as miniature pines, herbs and colorful petunias will turn your deck into a relaxing backyard escape.