Housewarming Tips for Christening a New Home

When you first walk through the front door of a house built just for you, inevitably you want to share the excitement with everyone you know. Is there a better way to break-in your home than to throw a housewarming party? You can create a positive first impression by diving enthusiastically into planning the big event; here are some party suggestions.

Send Invitations

Consider mailing old-fashioned paper invitations a month before the gathering. Doing so will set the tone that guests can expect a special evening, even if you do not intend it to be formal. Still, it is acceptable to send online invitations, which will allow your acquaintances to view the list of those who will attend.

Prepare a Tour

Your house will be the center of attention as much as you and your family will be. Plan to show it off by giving tours. Whether a hybrid home elk River MN or a modern farmhouse, you will want to spotlight some of the amazing building choices you made. Make an immediate walk-through to note what everyone else will take in for the first time. Then repeat your steps in the days before your party to regain perspective and finalize what you want to emphasize.

Plan Your Eats

Give yourself time to decide on what foods and drinks you want to serve since you will need time to make arrangements. Provide simple, light-colored snacks and drinks; you do not want a guest to feel guilty about accidentally splashing red wine on your brand new furnishings.

Choose Entertainment

Finally, you have to decide if you want a free-form party or one where you direct the action. You can set up games or just let people mingle. If you want background music, keep it sedate so people do not have to shout above the din.

When throwing a housewarming party you can take it as far as you want. By carefully planning the details, you can personalize your gathering just as you did your new house.