How To Care for Your Rain Gutters

Rain gutters do a lot of good in protecting your home from water damage. They keep wood from rotting, prevent mold growth and save your foundation from shifting. Once you’ve had gutters installed, you need to keep them in working order. Here are several steps to care for your rain gutters.

Keep Gutters Clean

For your gutters to do their job and divert water away from the home, they must be clean at all times. This means getting on a ladder and scooping out leaves, buds and other debris and rinsing with a hose. Another alternative is to call rain gutters Shoreline and install a protection system.

Check the Downspout

The downspout on your gutter is where the water comes out and flows away from your home. You need to check the downspout periodically to make sure it’s running freely. Sometimes leaves get stuck in this area and create a backup and flooding throughout the rest of the gutter.

Inspect Gutters Regularly

Along with keeping your gutters clean, they should be routinely inspected for cracks, holes and rust. A cracked gutter defeats its entire purpose so it must be mended immediately. For small holes, you can patch them with a sealant. If the damage is more serious, call your gutter company for repair or replacement.

Extend Downspout If Needed

Sometimes the original downspout on a gutter isn’t long enough, or there’s a splash block in place meant to guide the water. These blocks can get washed away if there’s heavy rain, leading to puddles around the foundation. To solve this problem, eliminate the block and connect an extension directly onto the downspout.

If you have gutters attached to your house, you’re already a step ahead of the game. To keep them working, install a protective system, clean and inspect them throughout the season.