Maintaining Basement Apartments in a Large Complex

As a responsible apartment landlord, you know you need to keep your tenants happy by maintaining every room in the building. You have to take make extra efforts to care for guests living in apartment rooms, however. Basement areas can be plagued by moisture and other problems that escape those higher up. Here are some steps to take to help your basement tenants experience equal footing in the community.

Regulate Heating and Cooling

Because basements shelter below the ground, they host contrary climate conditions. When temperatures are cold outside, they can be more challenging to heat since warm air rises. When every other room is hot, they run cool, yet they may feel more humid. Make sure to adjust and maintain chill water pumps NYC and other heating, ventilation and cooling parts so that conditions remain stable year-round.

Increase Security

Intruders who enter the building to cause trouble would likely prey on basement rooms as a result of their ease of access and inconspicuous location. You need to double down on security measures to protect those below. Start by installing window security bars on ground-level windows or over window wells. Make sure security lights illuminate entrance areas, and test basement alarm systems regularly.

Enhance Other Health and Safety Features

You need to follow code and health regulations throughout the building. Make sure to go the extra mile for your basement renters. For example, pest problems will be magnified at ground level. Mold grows exponentially faster there as well. Keep sewer lines clean and maintained since backups will strike basements causing irreversible property damage.

Insulate From Noise

Basement tenants can be subject to sounds that escape the notice of others: constant foot traffic from those entering and departing; running washing machines and dryers; draining plumbing; or car-induced road noise. Installing extra insulation, double-paned windows and soft closing doors can alleviate some of the disruptions.

Your basement tenants should not feel like third-class citizens. By paying special attention to the unique conditions they face, you can help them feel as if they are penthouse dwellers rather than dungeon prisoners.