What Do the Odd Noises Coming from Your AC Mean?

It all depends on the noise you’re hearing. Air conditioners can make all sorts of strange sounds as they get older. Unfortunately, in most cases, these noises are a sign that something is failing, and you will need to repair or even replace a component that your unit relies on to regulate the temperature of your indoor air. The costs of this work can vary but many of the common issues are relatively easy to fix.

On a positive note, some of these issues can be avoided by performing routine maintenance on your system. This is a good thing to do all year round, regardless of the season, because regular upkeep can ensure that your unit is running efficiently which can also lower your heating bill in the winter months.

So, don’t forget to have your HVAC serviced by a trained professional at normal intervals. It will help to extend the lifespan of your unit.

So, what are those odd noises coming from your AC unit? Let’s examine the sounds you are most likely to hear at some point and just what they mean.


We’ll start with one of the worst noises to hear first. A squeaking sound can be no big deal, or it can be really bad. On the positive end it’s nothing more than a loose fan belt, but the worst-case scenario is that your motor is starting to go bad. A fan belt will expand and contract as the weather changes, allowing it to slip or finally break. But a failing motor is going to require a new one and replacing that is going to cost a whole lot more than swapping out a new fan belt.


No one wants to hear banging sound coming from a mechanical piece of equipment upon which they rely. But in the case of your ac unit, a banging noise could be something as simple as a loose screw or a part that has fallen off for some reason or something inside the unit has gotten badly damaged, like a fan or a blower. All of these problems come with separate price tags, some small, some much larger.


A bubbling sound coming from your ac unit is likely an indication that you are running low on refrigerant. You could have a leak somewhere in your system that you want to get looked at and repaired as soon as possible. You won’t be able to determine if this is the case on your own, you will need to call one of the experts at Bradley Mechanical to check it out for you.


This is the only sound you can hear that won’t cost you a lot of money. It only means that you are in dire need of a cleaning in your ac system. Humming sounds are an indication that you have a buildup of dust and dirt inside. No big deal, just grab dry clean cloth or towel and wipe out the inside of the unit. That should solve your problem.