What You Should Know About Home Inspections


Whether you are purchasing or building a new home, you should seriously consider getting a home inspection. You can also ask for a Customized Inspection Broken Arrow OK. Although they cost, inspectors can find things that may otherwise go unnoticed and cost you much more down the road.


Home inspections are not required to purchase an already built home, but if you plan to build a home, you will have to have the home inspected several times during the build process. They must provide a Certificate of Occupancy before the home buyer is allowed to close on and move into the home.

Common Issues in Older Homes

In older homes, building inspectors typically look for foundation cracks and structural defects, including poor framing. Externally, they check the land for proper grading and drainage to prevent floods in basements and crawlspaces and protect the foundation. They will check your windows and doors for leaks. Your HVAC, including the thermostat and its connections, electrical system and plumbing will also be evaluated.

New Build Inspections

New builds are inspected multiple times. Inspectors check for violations, safety and adherence to the building plans.

An initial plumbing inspection will cover the sewer and vent lines, water lines, trenches and the soil, drainage and grading of your home and land. The second inspection will cover the structure of your home, including the beams, nails and screws, fire blocking and stairs, as well as the internal plumbing and wiring and HVAC system. The inspector may also look for leaks and mold.

Your final new build inspection will repeat some of the previously inspected processes, such as electrical and plumbing. However, the foundation, including the basement or crawlspace, and roof, including the chimney and gutters, will also be evaluated. The home’s doors and windows will be tested, and the outdoor spaces, including the walkways, decks and patios, garage and driveway, will also be inspected.

You can customize your inspections if you are concerned about specific issues, such as termite damage, but if you are purchasing or building a home, protect yourself and don’t skimp on the inspection.