When Rusty Water Appears, Find The Source Fast

We often count on the water that comes out of our tap to be clear and ready to drink. If the taste and color suddenly seem off, this could be related to rust. Depending on the age of your water systems, pipes or heater, the rust could be coming from the inside of your house. Rusty water can come from a public water supply but if you have an older home, it’s likely coming from your pipes.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing is required on a water sample to determine if rust is the culprit. Rusty water tends to have a reddish-brown appearance and it has a taste and odor of metal. Rust particles will also leave stains in your sink, along your linens in laundry and more.

Determining Where The Rust Is Coming From

Rusty water originates from several elements of your home plumbing system or in the public supply. Consider the fixture where you first notice the rusty water and fill up a glass from that plumbing fixture with cold water only. Take a look at the coloring and the flow of the sample. Try the warm water in a second sample. If the rusty water is only present in a hot water sample, it’s likely an indication that the source of the rust is from your home. If you’re seeing continuous rusty water from the cold water supply, it is likely on the water supply and you’ll need to contact a local water authority.

What Can Be Done About Rusty Water?

If the public water system is rusting out and it’s the public authorities responsibility to replace pipes as rusty water issues come up. Your municipality will eventually replace the failing pipes in your area but you will have to call in to report an issue to expedite the work. If you’re noticing rust in your water supply from the hot water, contacting a plumber is the best course of action. The source could be in your water heater and it could involve the replacement of an anode rod or aging pipes.

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