How To Clean Different Types of Flooring

Do you have multiple types of flooring in your home? Do you treat them all the same? If you’re cleaning your marble floors the same way you’re cleaning your linoleum, chances are that you’re causing damage. Understanding how to properly clean the different types of flooring ensures that they last for a long time and always look their best.


Linoleum is extremely durable and can withstand a lot. Its biggest problem is that it can quickly collect dust and debris, so you will want to sweep it every day. A mop with a simple cleaning solution can be used weekly to get any built-up grime.

Linoleum scuffs easily, and you might find that you see heel marks or tracks on it periodically. Use a steam cleaner to remove those marks, and then apply a wax that has been specially formulated for linoleum. The wax will help reduce the unsightly marks and make the flooring easier to clean.


Marble is a very porous surface and is quite vulnerable to moisture. If you ever spill anything on the marble, you’ll want to clean it up immediately. If left to sit, it can damage the marble and might even discolor it. Additionally, its porous surface makes it easier for dirt and dust to build up. It is advisable to use a marble sealant to help protect the flooring from any issues. Floor cleaning services Turnersville NJ can help you apply the sealant.

Like linoleum, marble can greatly benefit from being swept every day. When it comes time to mop the floor, only use a pH-neutral cleaner that won’t strip the sealant. Additionally, use a soft mop that won’t scratch the surface.


Even if your wood has been treated with a top coat polyurethane, you should never use a wet mop to clean your flooring. Water can remove the finish, cause the planks to warp, and stain the wood. If something spills, clean it up immediately. When cleaning the floor, use a soft cloth to first remove the dust. Then apply a polish that has been specifically created for wood floors.