4 Ways to Revitalize Your Backyard

When you’re selling your home you need to do everything you can to make it stand out to potential buyers. However even if you’re planning on staying where you are, you may still feel the need for change. Here are some ways you can turn your backyard from boring to bold.


A patio doesn’t just look breath-taking, it can free up the inside of your house by giving you a place to hold get-togethers, cook, work out or just relax. Depending on the harshness of your fall and winter seasons, putting up roofing or retractable canopies may be enough to keep the space accessible all year round.


By putting down some mulch and flat stones, you can add a little flair to your trek to the toolshed or garden. Opting for a concrete path may help even out tricky areas, preventing falls. It would also provide an area for your children to draw with chalk and play hopscotch.


This may be a good add-on to the patio, or you might want to make it its own thing as the centerpiece to your yard. Many places sell simple DIY kits for under $80. Dig a hole, line it with appropriate stones or bricks, and voila—you have a place to set out chairs and share drinks under the stars.


If you have a bare backyard and no green thumb, planting fruit trees or flowering bushes can dress up your space while requiring minimum ongoing effort outside of pruning. If you have a large, old tree in your yard, encircling it with a bench or low wall can make it a destination rather than just a random feature.

Sometimes all you need is just one change. However, a complete backyard makeover may be enticing. In that case, start small. You may be surprised by how much effect just one or two changes have.