Testing & Finding Water Leakages In Your Home

A water leakage can be a very tricky issue to find and also solve in your house. The problem here lies in how adaptable water is, with the ability of flowing large lengths across your household to a place of buildup. Thus, while you may visually spot a leak, that might not be the place of penetration in your home or even the source of the water. As a matter of fact, particular leakages do not even give any kind of visual sign to homeowners.

Before you call up your waterproofing contractor in a panic move, there are a couple of checks that you can perform in order to observe for early signs of leakages in your home.

Testing with your Utilities Bill and Water Meter

A very straightforward look for any type of pipeline leakages that calls for no expertise is to search for changes in your monthly water utilities bill. If you discover that your expenses have increased despite having no change in usage routines for the month, then it may be time for you to investigate.

The inspection can be made with a just as straightforward test. Shut off the primary water valve in your residence momentarily and monitor your water meter. If after an hour, you identify that the reading has changed, then a water leak is more than likely in play.

Other ways to find Leakages

Leakages may not constantly stem from pipes, therefore the water meter is not a complete approach for looking for leaks. Here are various other usual indications of leak:

  • Catching the sound of water running or consistent dripping during the night time when no water is running
  • Water trickling from your ceiling
  • Your wall surfaces or flooring have wet locations although no splilling has happened
  • Foul odours in a room without other obvious sources
  • Discoloration of your wall surfaces or floor
  • Peeling paint from your wall surfaces

Many of these signs emerge during the early stages of water leakages, meaning that once spotted and brought up to your waterproofing contractor, there is a good chance that big damage can be avoided.

Dangers Posed by Water Leakages

Waterproofing is crucial in any residence for safeguarding versus seepages. When offered free reign, water can be a damaging force. It builds up in hidden locations, developing a wet setting that is suitable for mould growth. This compromises your house’s structural integrity with time and hence presents a significant risk to all residents.

Having ascertained that your residence does undoubtedly have a leak, you can now proceed to contact your waterproofing contractor to inspect and repair your home personally. The sooner you do this, the better as it prevents major damage from being dealt to your structure. Furthermore, it reduces the complexity of the issue whereby water continues to travel through all hidden parts of your home.