4 Reasons Why Businesses Use Automated Doors

Retail businesses know the value of a good automated door. Over the decades, American businesses realized they needed to upgrade the capability of the doors that allow people in and out of their buildings. Different stores utilize different types of automated doors for a variety of reasons.

  1. They Are Environmentally Safe

Automated doors might seem to be wasteful at first glance, but there are some important reasons why automated door energy compliance is crucial for any business. Imagine a sink in a public restroom. If the sink isn’t automated, a customer could turn the sink on and accidentally leave it running. The door is the same way. So that a customer doesn’t mistakenly leave the door open, the automated door makes sure to close behind each customer that enters or leaves. There is no better solution to making sure the air inside remains conditioned by the HVAC system.

  1. They Are Safer For Customers

In grocery stores, customers are pushing carts or they’re carrying heavy bags. It’s pretty important to have a door that doesn’t require reaching out and using a hand. The safest door for customers is going to open by itself and offer plenty of room for a cart to get by. These larger doors also make it convenient for handicapped individuals who might be using walking assistance or riding a buggy. The doors are designed to open and stay open during a fire in case people panic and need to run outside. Without automated doors, fire safety diminishes by a large margin.

  1. They Offer Better Security

Modern automated doors offer unmatched security. They can be designed to work in tandem with loss prevention detectors placed by the door. They can stay closed if a customer sets off the alarm inside. They have motion sensors that can be set for intruder detection at night time when they aren’t being used to monitor customers needing the door opened. Most of these doors are capable of working with modern commercial security systems that detect broken windows, picked or busted locks and other break-in methods.

  1. They Make Your Business Look Good

Nothing says success like a modern automated door. It’s important to look like a strong business that gets so many customers that an automated door is needed. Automatic doors can be designed in many different ways to match the stylistic design of any office or place of business. Checking with a professional automatic door company is a great idea in case a business decides to do a facade change at its location or if a store’s current door breaks and needs a replacement.