How To Enhace Your Curb Appeal

People say not to judge a book by its cover, but first impressions do matter. Whether you are selling your house or updating your property to achieve your desired design aesthetic, here six ways you can improve your curb appeal.

  1. Get a New Garage Door

A broken or discolored garage door is unsightly and can be dangerous. Work with licensed garage door contractors Washington DC to pick out and install the perfect garage door for your property, which can instantly transform your home.

  1. Paint the Front Door

With one can of paint, you can add brightness or boldness to your front porch. Just make sure to properly prep the door so that the paint job lasts for years.

  1. Add Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights create an impressive visual display while also adding a layer of protection so that would-be intruders are not tempted to sneak in under the darkness of night. For a truly stunning effect, add lights by your trees and plants, as well as along your walkways.

  1. Change Your Mailbox

Have you ever considered that your mailbox can negatively impact your curb appeal? A chipped or leaning mailbox at the front of the house can leave others to assume that your home is not taken care of. Whenever installing a new mailbox, make sure it is up to code for your area.

  1. Install Visible House Numbers

Over time, painted house numbers can fade, and mounted numbers can rust and fall. Install new numbers that are large enough to be visible from the street. For a cohesive design, pick a number that is made out of the same finish your exterior light fixtures are made of.

  1. Add Potted Plants

Potted plants hanging from the porch or front of the house add an inviting comfort. Always take care of those plants because dead foliage will instantly bring down your curb appeal.