Anti-Slip Tape: Uses

Custom logo door mats are great for safety. It is sometimes more practical to use an abrasive strip to create an anti-slip environment.

You can categorize all anti-slip and griptapes into two main groups. These two main categories are general-purpose and specialty antislip solutions.

General Purpose

These are the most popular anti-slip solution. Their popularity is because they can be used on any type of floor or frictionless surface. General purpose is also called all-purpose anti slip treads and grip tapes. These are installed on floor surfaces, stairways, and even walkways in all kinds of non specialized residential and industrial/commercial settings. Nonabrasive and textured abrasive tapes are attached to the surface using either their adhesive or store-bought adhesive. To provide users with foot traction, the textured surface is left on its topside. Grit-coated tiles or panels with grit are often used to install anti-slip treads on stairways. These treads can be used on indoor and outdoor stairways, and are made from lightweight materials such as aluminum and fiberglass. To warn users of potential traction hazards, some grip tapes and general anti-slip treads are available in bright colors.

Tapes and treads for specialties

The main difference between the general purpose antislip tapes, and treads, is that the latter can only be used in particular settings. Specialty traction installations can only be used in certain environments. They are meant to complement the traction provision. Specialty anti-slip solutions can include aqua-safe, which is suitable for installation in damp conditions, antimicrobial antislip treads, and grip tapes that are designed for use in hospitals and other sanitary environments like hospitals.

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-slip tape, a heavy duty tape with adhesive on one side but gritty on the opposite side, is used to protect flooring surfaces from slippage. This product has many common uses. Swimming pools are the most popular use for this product.

Anti-slip tape has one advantage: there is no bump like a floormat. The anti-slip tape will not catch on doors that are too close to the ground. Although floormats can be used for many purposes, absorb water, and offer other benefits, they are not always the best choice. They also have higher elevations and can move so it may not be the best option. This is why you should consider other non-slip flooring options.

Custom logo door mats can also be stolen, moved or blown away by wind if they are outside. This is not the case with anti-slip tape. It will stay where you place it. You can always add more to your roll if it starts to wear down.

To make the entire area safer, you can also apply grip and anti-slip coatings to it. This is a better option if you have a larger or more irregular area to protect.

This can also be done using commercial apps. Slippery floors in locker rooms pose a danger to guests as well as the business owner. This tape should also be applied to smooth surfaces outside like steps, bleachers and tiled areas. These are just a few examples of low-cost antislip tape that can protect you.

These solutions can be used for outdoor walkways, stairs, garages and other places where people may walk. A traditional floormat is not an option. It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial customer or a residential one, your goal is to prevent people from falling and getting hurt. Get ready to protect yourself.