How To Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Like New

Hardwood floors are a great asset to any home. They add beauty and value and are extremely durable, lasting for decades. However, hardwood flooring has a tendency to show wear and tear easily if you don’t know how to care for it. These tips can help keep this fixture looking its absolute best, even after years of use.

Schedule Repairs Right Away

When it comes to damage, you need to act quickly to avoid more problems. Schedule hardwood flooring repairs Westerly RI right away so that you can prevent the damage from spreading or worsening over time. Stains, cracks, and gouges can usually be quickly and easily repaired with some resurfacing. Other times, a flooring expert may need to replace individual boards. If you start to notice gaps or shifting between planks, talk to an expert for evaluation. Sometimes, it’s better to leave a little space because wood tends to swell or shrink with changes in the environment.

Clean Your Floors Properly

Not all cleaning supplies and solutions are safe to use on hardwood floors. Most common household cleaners, including those made with bleach or ammonia, can strip away your floor’s protective coating. Certain tools can also cause unsightly scratches. The types of products you can use may vary with the type of wood and finish you have in your home. Always ask a professional about which techniques and products will clean your floors effectively without stripping or damaging them.

Take Steps to Protect Your Wood Floors

To protect your floors, use a rug in high-traffic areas. This can add style and comfort to your home while also protecting the hardwood. If you have pets, keep their nails clipped short. Encourage your family to remove their shoes once they enter the house. Whenever you’re moving furniture, lift or use protective pads to slide it with ease while preventing scrapes and gouges.

Caring for hardwood floors isn’t difficult, it just requires a little extra thought. When you use the right products, address damage quickly and make an effort to reduce wear and tear, you can keep your floors looking new.