How Do I Pick the Best Used File Cabinet?

When choosing a used file cabinet, the cost isn’t the only factor that should be considered. Size, durability, and storage capacity should also be considered. A steel file cabinet has much to offer, including locking systems, counterweights to ensure smooth operation, and full drawer suspension capabilities. They are true workhorses but aren’t aesthetically pleasing, so you may want to consider purchasing a wooden version instead. These types of cabinets will break up the monotony of the modern office environment.


You have several options if you’re looking for used office file cabinets. There are stores that offer a wide variety of document storage solutions. Whether you’re looking for a simple filing cabinet or a more elaborate system.

When purchasing a used file cabinet, you should consider what kind of materials it is made of. You may want a water-resistant or fire-resistant cabinet for important documents. The type of material will also impact the price. For instance, a metal cabinet may cost more than a plastic one. Also, consider the size of the cabinet and the type of locking system it has.


There are many reasons to choose a quality used file cabinet. Not only do they serve as a good storage solution for your paperwork, but they are also functional and affordable. When choosing a file cabinet, consider the type, color, safety, and security features. This will help you select the best cabinet within your budget. It is also essential to measure your workspace to identify the most appropriate size for your space.

First, you should consider the number of files you intend to store. This is important because the drawer size will be affected by the type of files you keep. Another critical factor is the space required to open the drawers. If you have a smaller office, you may get away with a smaller cabinet with only a few drawers. Similarly, you should look for a larger cabinet if you need to store legal-sized files.



One of the most significant factors to consider when buying a used file cabinet is its durability. Many different materials are used to make file cabinets, and the most durable options are made from steel, aluminum, or plastic. Wooden cabinets are less stable and can scratch easily, but they add character to an office and can be found in many different colors and finishes.

Steel filing cabinets are made from 18-gauge steel, a more durable material than wood. It is usually purchased in coils or sheets between 11.8 inches and 15.7 inches wide. Sheets of steel can also be used to construct the walls of a file cabinet.

Choosing a used file cabinet depends on your willingness to spend. A cheap model may not be worth the money, while a high-quality unit might be well worth the price. The key is to choose one that meets your needs, budget, and style.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of a file cabinet varies depending on its shape, design, and number of drawers. For example, a cabinet with three drawers has a total capacity of 5,760 cubic inches. On the other hand, a cabinet with four drawers can be 8,000 cubic inches. This means that the file cabinet will hold the equivalent of about 40,000 pages or seven CDs.

Lateral file cabinets are best for long-term, high-capacity use. They have narrow drawers that measure from 15 to 20 inches wide. On the other hand, a vertical file cabinet is suitable for everyday use in a personal workspace, as the drawers are narrow and do not take up much space.

File cabinets vary in height, width, and depth and are made for different-sized documents. While most can accommodate standard eight-by-11-inch letter-size documents, some also fit legal-size documents, which are eight-and-a-half inches wide. You can also find smaller cabinets specifically designed to accommodate index cards.