How To Renovate Your Front Lawn and Garden Space

If you’re finding that your front yard landscaping is looking a little drab or rundown, it’s time to give your lawn and garden a facelift. Here are three areas to focus on when renovating your outdoor space to really see big results when you’re finished.

  1. Lawn

For most homes, the lawn is a large and very visible part of the landscape. If your lawn looks patchy or has filled in with weeds, your entire front yard area can look unkempt. You may want to have some soil testing done to determine if your lawn is low in particular nutrients so that you can choose fertilizers and amendments wisely. HaveĀ lawn seeding Southern California done, then be sure to water regularly so that your newly sown grass seed can germinate and fill in bare patches as quickly as possible.

  1. Garden Beds

Most gardens contain shrubs and flowering plants. Healthy shrubs provide a backbone to support the garden. First, trim any overgrown shrubs, then remove plants that have died so that you can evaluate what’s left. If your garden has been growing for a while, you may haveĀ perennials that you can divide, giving you new plants to fill empty spaces. You can add color to your yard with flower pots filled with annuals. These will need to be replaced each year, but they’re inexpensive to plant and have a great visual impact.

  1. Hardscaping

Adding large rock features, paved walkways, and even garden art to your space can tie everything together and make the entire area look more polished. If you’ve already got paths in place, be sure they are free of weeds and that broken stones don’t present a tripping hazard. A trip to your local garden center may turn up the perfect piece of art to bring new life to your garden.


Renovating your front yard space can have a big impact on the curb appeal of your home. You’ll see it every time you come and go from your house, and a well-kept yard gives you more living space in nice weather.