3 Questions To Ask When Shopping for a Central Florida Home

Buying a house comes with a lot of choices; it can quickly become overwhelming. You want to do your homework before you settle on the perfect property, though. Asking a real estate agent or homeowner these three questions can help you make an informed decision about a home in question.

  1. How Old Is the Plumbing?

Certain types of older plumbing, such as galvanized pipes, can be problematic, so it pays to ask how old the existing system is. Keep in mind that there are pipes hidden inside walls and crawl spaces that you aren’t going to be able to easily see. If a home has a septic system instead of being connected to the public sewers, that can add another layer to the equation. Ask about previous septic tank maintenance Orlando FL and what you will need to do to keep it running smoothly.

  1. Has There Ever Been a Termite Problem?

Florida is home to several species of termites, the most destructive of which are the Formosan subterranean termites. They can cause extensive damage to a structure in a relatively short period of time. As such, you should know if a home has had a previous infestation before you make a purchase decision. It doesn’t rule out a home, but it will make you extra careful about any inspections.

  1. Is the House in a Flood Zone?

Obtaining homeowner’s insurance in Florida can be a hassle. That is especially true of any homes in or near a FEMA flood zone. If a house is in a flood zone, your mortgage company may require a separate flood policy. Even if they don’t, you will probably want to get one. Since the cost of these policies keeps rising, you will need to include it in any payment calculations.

Knowing what you are buying will help keep post-purchase surprises to a minimum. Always take time to ask about plumbing, pests and potential flood problems to give yourself added peace of mind.