3 Ways To Get Ready for the Windy Season

Living in West Palm Beach means you can expect high winds from October to May. These gales can damage your home and property, but three things can help you get ready for the next windy season.

Have Backups To Handle Power Outages

You can choose low-tech or high-tech backups. On the cheap side, you can stock up on candles, flashlights and batteries. For a more comprehensive solution, you can have a backup generator on your property. Bloomberg describes three types of generators you can purchase for your home.

Upgrade to Stronger Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are a great way to let light and people into your home. They are also potential avenues for wind damage. Making these portals stronger can protect against wind and pressure changes. Upgrading to impact doors West Palm Beach can also lower your energy bill and insurance costs.

Clear Your Yard of All Debris

Strong gusts can pick up any loose items in your yard and throw them at your home. This includes garden tools and loose tree branches. Set aside a weekend to organize your tools and other outdoor items. Store them in a shed or garage so they are away from the wind. During this time, also trim shrubs and trees of loose or dying foliage. This can prevent strong winds from breaking a weak branch and using it as an item of destruction. For a large tree, make sure you understand how trees heal before getting out your saw.

Getting ready for the windy season is easier than you might think. By preparing your home inside and out, you can avoid some of the damages associated with high gales. All it takes is stocking up on your chosen backup light source, upgrading your windows and doors and reducing the clutter outside your home.