4 Reasons to Live in a Private Community

Today there are more than 60 million people living in more than 300,000 private communities across the United States. These communities have become popular home choices for so many families thanks to the many amenities on offer.

If you and your family are looking for a place to call home, here are 3 reasons you should consider a private community.

  1. Security: One of the main reasons families choose to live in a gated community is for security and safety. These communities are typically secured with a gate — often manned by a security guard — that only residents and their guests have access to. It’s an added layer of accountability and protection that you can’t find in just any neighborhood. It’s also a nice way to keep out unwanted solicitors and door-to-door salespeople.
  2. Amenities: Private communities can make for fun places to live for individuals of all ages thanks to the amenities that are typically included. These amenities include pools, fitness centers, and, just like at the new Turnbull Crossings community, many private communities are often golf communities. When golf is connected to these communities, community members are often given the first choice on tee times, which can be a huge benefit for golf lovers.
  3. Property Value: While the cost of living can certainly be higher when you live in a gated or private community thanks to increased homeowner’s association fees, it will pay off when you are ready to sell. Homes in these communities often have higher design standards and homes these communities typically sell for $30,000 more on average than those in non-gated communities.
  4. A Sense of Community: A great perk of living in these gated communities is the extra layer of community that comes with it. Neighbors in these communities often spend a lot of time together and can become your close social circle.