Must Haves for a Functioning Mud Room

When creating a mudroom, it is essential to clearly define the functionality of the space. Every family has unique needs, so the perfect mudroom will look different for everyone. This is likely a place that will serve multiple purposes. You are going to spend a lot of time there, so create a space you don’t mind being in. Whether you are doing laundry or picking up the kid’s sports gear, make this room work for you.


A mudroom acts as a transition between the outside world and your home. Think about what you and your family come into the house with and what you ideally do with those objects. This will guide you towards the best storage solutions for the room. If you live in a cold climate and always have gloves, hats and boots, then you should install drawer cabinets Minneapolis MN. Maybe you walk your dog every day and need hooks to hang the leashes. Flip benches and cubbies are a necessity and should be part of every design.


The floors of a mudroom will get a lot of action. This is a high-traffic area that collects a lot of dirt. Make sure your floor is durable and easy to clean. Make sure it is waterproof so that raincoats and wet shoes don’t leave damage. Slate, stone and porcelain tile are popular choices.


If your mudroom is big enough, you may want to think of other uses for the space. Many people prefer their laundry be in the mudroom so that stinky clothes and dirty socks can be thrown into the washing machine without being tracked through the home. Pet owners can include a dog washing station and pet food storage. A utility sink is a useful addition if you have a job that requires you to clean up when you return home.