2 Easy DIY Solar Shower Options

If you’ve ever wanted to feel the freedom of showering outside but don’t want to pay for the expensive plumbing and holding tanks, look no further than a DIY solar shower. These are great options for folks who live in warm climates that receive a lot of sun, but they can also work for many people during the hot summer months.

Garden Hose Option

Though they are generally used underground as water shut-off valves to a house, all you’ll need for this project is a few brass gate valves mesquite tx and a long section of black garden hose.

Place one valve at the spout of the spigot and the other end where you intend to bath. Find a sunny spot in your yard and elevate the garden hose so that almost all of it is above the exit spout. A couple of hours before you plan to use it, open both valves and run the water until it comes out then, close both of them so that the hose remains entirely full of water. After a long hot day, the sun will have blasted the hose, making the stored water inside the perfect temperature for a nice evening shower.

Large Black Tank Option

This one operates on the same principle as the last, requiring a little more work on the front end but less effort in the long run. Pick up a large black tank, or get creative and make your own out of something tank-like, and fill it with water. Put the tank above where the water comes out of the showerhead at the end. Add sun and time and soon you’ll have another shower!

Both of these are great options for anyone looking to take a shower in their backyard, not to mention they are inexpensive and easy to do on a Saturday morning. You might even have a shower by the end of the day!