3 Aspects of Maintaining Commercial Exteriors

Keeping commercial properties looking good takes a lot of work, but a solid approach makes this task easier. Good planning and organization go a long way toward successfully maintaining property exteriors. Here are three important aspects of exterior maintenance for commercial buildings.

Parking Lots

Good parking is an important feature of commercial properties. Maintaining your parking lot poses challenges, as damage can come from multiple sources, including:

  • Hurricans and tornadoes
  • Floods and ice
  • Heavy vehicles

Daily use alone is enough to damage paved surfaces over time. Maintaining your parking lot is not simply an issue of aesthetics. Potholes that could potentially damage vehicles are also a liability problem. Invest in professional asphalt maintenance Sarasota FL to keep visitors happy.


Do not overlook details or consider them unimportant. These seemingly small elements on your building can play a big part in the image people form of your entire operation. Examples include:

  • Attractive, readable signage that fits the image you want to build
  • Fresh paint
  • Clean windows in good shape
  • Working lights

Think of these details as part of your overall marketing plan, and give them the attention they deserve.


The exterior of your property should be attractive and inviting. Attractive facilities express your respect for and appreciation of guests and the employees who keep your business operating. If you do not have a large outside space, group a few attractive pots around the building’s entrace.

When choosing living greenery, opt for native plants rather than tender greenhouse cultivars that must be pampered. Each area will have specific plants that work best with the local conditions. Check with the county extension service where you are and ask local nurseries about the best plants for your region. Native plants use less water but will add great beauty and warmth to your property.

Careful plans and attention to details makes commercial property maintenance less stressful. Outside elements are important, as they project what your business is and the values under which it operates. In buildings as in people, positive first impressions go a long way toward success.