4 Secrets From Electricians

Electrical work requires a high level of skill and knowledge about the way circuitry operates. While you might not be pursuing a degree in electrical engineering anytime soon, you may want to know a few secrets from electricians Philadelphia PA.

Check Wire Voltage 

Though you may have been taught that white wires are neutral and black wires are live, this isn’t always the case. The only way to be sure whether a line is live or dead is to use a non-contact voltage tester to find out. Never touch a wire with your bare hand or an object to determine its status: this could result in a severe injury or burn, or it could even cost you your life.

Beware Overhead Power Lines

Overhead power lines are rarely insulated. Since they’re so high in the air, they don’t pose a hazard most of the time — unless they’re down. Then, they’re a potentially fatal hazard. If you encounter a downed power line, don’t approach it. Call 911 to report the downed line and keep people and pets away from fallen lines.

Note Standby Power Draws

Electrical devices with a standby mode or a remote control pull a steady draw of current regardless of whether they’re technically on (think the “sleep mode” on your desktop computer, or your remote-controlled stereo system). This is referred to as “vampire draw”. While this is harmless to the device, it also means you’re paying for electricity to power them regardless of whether or not you’re using them. To avoid this energy waste, consider unplugging electronics when not in use, or make use of a power strip with an on/off switch or an outlet timer. For a really high-tech solution, Bluetooth-enabled outlet plugs can help save power with the help of an integrated phone app, which often even allows you to set an automatic electronics schedule so you can save energy without even thinking about it.

Let Circuit Breakers Run as Intended

When a circuit breaker keeps popping, it may be tempting to just tape down the switch, but this is extremely dangerous. Circuit breakers only work correctly if they can switch off freely when tripped. Never force a breaker into position. If you’re having a recurring issue, it’s time to contact your electrician.

Electricity is a powerful force, and it must be handled with respect. By taking note of these considerations surrounding electricity, you can ensure that you and your family stay safe around it.