Creating a Cozy Home With Candles

Candles can add a cozy touch to any room of your home. Candles are available in a wide range of designs, price points, and sizes, so you can find one that suits your budget. With so many options available, you can light a different candle each day of the week to create a new mood every day. Never leave a burning candle unattended, especially if you have children in the house.

Living Rooms

The best type of candle for your living room is one that can provide ambient light, like a candle lantern or pillar candle. Large custom candles Brooklyn NY that can last all day are perfect for the living room. Choose a light scent that doesn’t overpower you or your guests. Try placing it on your coffee table or on the fireplace mantel.


Candlelight can ease stress and promote a sense of romance in the bedroom. Create an atmosphere with votives or pillar candles on dressers or bedside tables. Choose relaxing fragrances such as vanilla, lavender, or sandalwood. If you want a romantic vibe, opt for a floral scent.


Food scents like lemon, orange, sea salt and mint can add freshness to your kitchen atmosphere and combat common kitchen odors like onions. A small jar candle is perfect for the countertop. For parties, an arrangement with taper candles makes a spectacular decor centerpiece on a kitchen or dining table. You could also create a holiday or seasonal moods with scents like cinnamon, pumpkin and apple.

Candles are an excellent way to create an ambiance in any room of your house. They also help set the mood for many activities, such as reading books, cooking food, watching movies, or having romantic dinners. Create any mood that you want throughout your home without putting a dent in your budget with candles.