Dear Tired Mom, Take a Break From These 3 Things

Life gets busy, and it’s hard to decide what will be tossed to the side. The house requires cleaning. Meals must be made, and discipline is required. Sometimes, in parenthood, the fun and enjoyment get lost, leaving you feeling exhausted and cranky. Make more time for yourself and your kids by doling out the following three tasks.

  1. Yard Work

A well-manicured yard is calming with its even cut and bright green facade, yet it’s hard to keep up with the kids’ activities and everyday chores. Spring for a lawn care services Arlington VA who can come weekly to cut the grass. This delegation saves you about an hour or two of labor. It costs money, but it gives you an opportunity to focus on family activities such as reading together or playing board games.

  1. Dishes

Every night, the dishes pile up, filling up the sink and sucking away time with your children. Rather than spend 20 minutes cleaning up on your own, turn this time into a family lesson. Once children are old enough to understand direction, they can put away plates and cups.

Turn cleaning up into a group activity. Teach kiddos to put things in the dishwasher, wipe the table and put condiments where they belong. These actions not only expedite the process but instill valuable life lessons.

  1. Dusting

Dust bunnies collect quickly, especially in high frequented areas. The chore may bring you down, exhausting your afternoon. Invest in a microfiber cloth, and make it a game with your kids.

With this cloth, you don’t need a spray bottle, so you won’t worry about chemicals getting into your eyes. Show your children how to wipe the fabric over the furniture. The cloth picks up the dust, cleaning the surface. Make this mandatory before technology time. It eliminates one thing off of your list and gets them into a solid routine.

It’s okay to give yourself a break and let others do the work. When you step back, you aren’t taking it easy; you’re allowing the next generation to learn and grow.