Easy Steps To More Quartz Countertops Sales

Quartz is to the kitchen what the chameleon is to nature: it blends in with multiple styles and colors. Whether you love modern kitchens or more traditional kitchens, vibrant or paler colors, polished or glossy finishes, monochrome or patterns, the quartz kitchen counter accommodates a multitude of options.

The basics

Synthetic Quartz Kitchen Countertop comes from a factory designed blend. This contains 90% to 95% quartz and 5% to 10% resins and other pigments. Suppliers have in their catalog several specific colors and patterns, ranging from bright red to soft white, including the crocodile skin pattern.

The advantages of a quartz kitchen counter

A synthetic quartz kitchen counter has a lot of bragging rights! Thanks to its high percentage of quartz of graniteselection.com, it is hard like granite, and the resin inside makes the material malleable and impact resistant. The union of these two materials offers surprising durability of your Stone Countertops. Synthetic quartz is also non-porous, which makes the kitchen counter resistant to stains and scratches.

This material is one step ahead of natural stone when it comes to creating large counter spaces. It is more “flexible” and its installation requires fewer joints.

The small problem is that a quartz kitchen counter, because of the resin, is not very resistant to heat. You will have to keep your trivets nearby!

Quartz is “green”

A quartz kitchen counter helps maintain good indoor air quality because it emits low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and is hypoallergenic and non-toxic to humans. For these reasons, many quartz countertops are certified by environmental institutes that verify low chemical emission products.

Quartz also gets the qualifier “green” because it can last a lifetime, and because several manufacturers offer products containing recycled materials.

Important to consider

Quartz kitchen countertops with a glossy finish, especially darker colored ones, leave fingerprints, much like a window.

Maintaining a quartz kitchen counter is a snap! The surface does not require sealants or waxes (either initially or for ongoing maintenance). Routine cleaning is done simply with soap and water.