Grass VS Fake Grass: Pets, The Sun & Artificial Turf

Pets and the sun are not a great duo when it comes to natural grass. It might be time for artificial turf and here is why.

There can be a lot of problems associated with natural grass. Natural grass can look very beautiful, but sometimes it just does not work in certain situations. If you have pets, you already know how much damage they can do to grass, but that does not diminish your love for them. They should be able to roam free and do most of what they want to do, which is why grass might not be the best option for you and your pets. Besides pets, the sun also can do some damage to grass. These problems can be solved with fake grass for pets, which also would be taking care of the sun problem as well. Let’s explore how.

Pet Damage

Do you already know what the main damage or most common damage is that a dog can do to your grass? Their urine is not good for grass at all. It is toxic to grass and spots where they pee can end up all over the yard. Lots of people love to admire their yard from a distance, but in this situation, brown spots might not be what you want to see when admiring your yard and that is where artificial turf for pets comes in to save the day.

Sun Damage

The sun can also be a major factor in your grass being damaged. This is definitely a problem for those of you who live where it is very hot and dry. Usually, those areas have a lack of grass because the sun kills it quickly. The sun can and will also leave your yard with brown spots just like pet urine will. The sun being a factor here also means battling it if you want to keep your natural grass. That means water and labor, two things people should be trying to use the least of in very hot climates.

Artificial Turf

Pets and the sun are just two of the many factors that can make natural grass a hassle. Artificial turf eliminates the problems mentioned in this article and leaves you with only a minimal amount of maintenance. This turf will not turn brown because of the sun drying it up and it will not fall victim to pet urine. Something else you should think about is the fact that you would be saving money because of the lack of labor involved. You would not be watering your grass or using any tools on it that require gas or electricity.

When deciding if turf is right for your home, consider the cost savings and lack of maintenance required. That fresh and bright green look you love would be able to stay all year without worry.