How To Decide if You Should Move or Build an Addition

If you’ve outgrown your current home, you may be tempted to immediately search for a new house to buy. Purchasing a new house isn’t always the best option. You may want to consider adding an addition instead. Here are some of the pros and cons of buying a home or building an addition.

Location and Planning

If you love your neighbors and your neighborhood, it might make more sense to add on to your current home. Home additions West Berlin NJ can be created to your exact specifications to ensure you are getting exactly what you need. The limit to the planning becomes the budget, the size of your property and the zoning requirements. Planning is also required for a move and may be the more desirable option if you aren’t crazy about your neighbors.


Whether you decide to move or remodel, expenses are involved. Planning carefully can help you avoid extreme surprises that can destroy your finances. Moving involves costs such as realtor fees, lawyer fees, movers and bank fees. Remodeling can include deductions such as contractor expenses, architect fees and building items. Create a budget for moving and for remodeling to see what you prefer to spend your money on.


It can be tricky to line up the timing for moving into a new house. You need to be able to close on your house and the new house within a small amount of time. This can be extremely stressful. While a remodel also takes time, you don’t have to deal with packing up your house and creating a tight schedule. You need to decide if you prefer to take on the rush of moving or the noise of remodeling.

Moving and remodeling both involve time, expenses and stress. Only you can decide which option works better for you and your family.