How To Move Large Items

One of the most stressful elements of any move is figuring out how to get your large furniture, appliances and other items from your old home to your new without damaging the items or throwing your back out. Consider these tips the next time you need to move something big.

Rent Something To Haul It in

If you are thinking about tying that mattress to the top of your car, consider other options. If you do not own or have access to a suitable means of transporting your large items, consider a moving truck or utility trailer rental Everett Wa. It is better to use equipment that was designed for moving large items than to try to make do with improvised solutions that may be a major hassle, damage your items or create unsafe situations.

Work Smart Not Hard

Do not just grab your item and start shoving it around. Instead, make a plan for how you will get your item out of the house, into the truck or trailer and then into the new house before you start moving anything. Your plan should include measuring all of the openings the item will need to fit through, such as the interior and exterior doors and hallways. You will also need to determine whether you can move the item yourself, or if you will need some help from other people or equipment. Finally, figure out ways you can overcome any challenges, such as doors that are too small or items that are too heavy to lift.

Make Big Items Smaller

If the large item you need to move has detachable parts, detach them. For example, you can often remove the back from a large recliner. If you have a big piece of exercise equipment, consider taking it apart before you move it. Take the drawers out of furniture. Remove the arms from chairs. Anything that moves around that you can not detach should be secured with tape or rope. Be sure to label everything you take apart, so that you can put it back together.

Push It

If you are moving an object with wheels, try pushing it as far as you can to reduce the amount of time you need to carry it. Otherwise, try putting material, such as cardboard, under the object so you can slide it without damaging your floors.

Moving large objects can be a hassle, but there are steps you can take to make it easier. Consider these tips when planning your move.