Reasons Why Tree Stumps Should be Removed

Having blooming, fully grown trees in your landscaping can add privacy and beauty to your property. However, tree stumps often have the opposite. Tree stumps can be an eyesore and be a potential hazard. If you have tree stumps on your property, there are typically two different options; you can continue to deal with the hazards and the effect it has on your home’s curb appeal or you can contact a tree stump removal company to remove it for you. Some people struggle with the idea of removing a tree stump for different reasons, such as there is hope that it will grow back or that’s it not really hurting anything by staying where it is. The fact is tree stumps pose safety risks and they are a distraction from an otherwise well-landscaped lawn. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider contacting a tree stump removal company.

Tree Stumps are Hazardous

Tree stumps are dangerous to children that are playing in the yard. In most situations, children know the tree stump is there, but they still get busy playing and end up tripping over. Also, if a visitor to your home or even a neighbor gets injured from tripping over the tree stump, it becomes a liability that you are responsible for. Along with being a hazard for people and pets, tree stumps can damage your lawnmower if you hit it while mowing the lawn.

Attracts Insects

Tree stumps are basically decaying wood, which is an attraction for pests and insects. A decaying stump can attract termites, beetles, ants, and a variety of other wood-boring insects that can lead to not only an infestation in your lawn, but in your home as well. Tree stump removal, especially if the stump is within close proximity to your house, is critical if you want to avoid the risk of a termite or other insect infestation in your home.

Spreading Roots

One of the most important reasons to consider tree stump removal is to prevent the roots from under the stump from spreading, which can cause significant damage to your home’s foundation, sidewalks, and driveways. The roots will continue to grow and increase in diameter, which eventually causes cracking in paved surfaces, blocking sewer lines and pushing the grass up, causing hills and an uneven lawn.

Although not all tree stumps will regrow, some do, but they aren’t usually healthy. This means that if your goal is to allow the tree stump to regrow, there is a significant risk of infection, which can not only damage the growth from the tree stump but put all other plants and flowers in the surrounding area at risk of damage. Removing a tree stump is a dangerous process, so it’s important that you never attempt to remove a stump on your own, instead contact a professional tree stump removal company to safely do the work for you.