Spaces That Soothe Your Senses

Creating a space where you can relax is important. After a long and stressful day, all you want is to be able to unwind and relax in your own space. That might be harder than it first appears. Many things contribute to anxiety, and there may be things in your space that you haven’t thought of that cause stress instead of alleviating it.


As with most things, it comes down to moderation. Too much darkness in a space can contribute to anxiety, or make it difficult to get around safely, but lights that are too bright also cause stress. Look for visual comfort lighting Orlando FL or your area for ideas on how to make your space more visually comforting.


Comfort isn’t just for your eyes, it’s also for your ears. Street noise, loud neighbors, and shouting family members can all contribute to your anxiety, but complete silence can be just as unnerving. If you can’t get proper soundproofing for your home, look into noise-canceling headphones or white noise generators to help combat auditory stressors. You’d be amazed at the difference it makes; once you’re aware of it, it’s hard to ignore.


The sense most associated with comfort is probably your sense of touch. Despite this, most people spend much of their lives in uncomfortable clothes, wearing shoes that pinch, and even sleeping on an old and uncomfortable mattress. Assess the comfort level of your soft furnishings and think about upgrading to a pressure-relieving mattress for your bedroom.

Relaxing spaces can measurably improve your life. Stress is a major cause behind a lot of the diseases that plague humanity today. Heart attacks, mental disease, and weight issues can all be exacerbated by the stress in your life. Creating a space that soothes your senses is just the beginning, but it’s a necessary first step towards reducing stress everywhere in your life.