The Difference Between Reconstructive Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

Doctors and surgeons can now do incredible things to make you look and feel more confident. Two of the most common methods are cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery are the same things, but cosmetic surgery is not. Unfortunately, people tend to use these terms synonymously. Sometimes, cosmetic and plastic surgery is found in the same practices, but they are two different disciplines that overlap.

What Is Reconstructive or Plastic Surgery?

Plastic or reconstructive surgery is done to fix a problem. This problem could be a reconstruction of the breast after a mastectomy or rebuilding facial issues after an accident. Scar removal also falls into this area when the scars are particularly disruptive. Some scars cause functional disabilities. Hospitals and clinics perform reconstructive surgery Princeton NJ, and across the country.

What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a surgical alteration of the body to make it more esthetically pleasing. Usually, this surgery is performed on healthy adults who do not have a condition that caused what they are having corrected. Cosmetic surgery consists of things like fat removal, facelifts and tummy tucks. They do not serve any purpose other than to improve aesthetics.

The Grey Area

Some procedures fall into a grey area. This is an area where the procedure is both cosmetic and corrective. Some surgeries, like breast reduction and rhinoplasty, are examples of this. Some surgeons argue that both types of surgery have psychological benefits. These benefits make it necessary for a person’s wellbeing. There is no decisive answer to whether a procedure is cosmetic or reconstructive when psychology is considered.

Reconstructive surgeons sometimes also practice cosmetic surgery, and cosmetic surgeons may also practice reconstructive surgeries as the disciplines are very similar but have different reasons behind them. Before having either type of surgery, consult a physician and ensure that all of the risks are thoroughly explained. No matter what the reason, surgery can still have adverse effects.