Top Advantages of Choosing Stucco Siding

The siding you choose for your home will give it its signature look for the next few decades. Naturally, you want something that’s durable as well as attractive, making stucco the perfect choice. If you’ve been meaning to find out more about this functional material, here are the top advantages of applying stucco siding.

Comes in a Variety of Textures

The beauty of stucco lies in how completely versatile it is. Stucco can be mixed with one of a variety of colors and made into designs like swirls, lace finish and rough sand. If you’re adding on to a home that already uses this material, get stucco texture matching Scottsdale AZ for a seamless look.

Makes Your House Stronger

Another advantage of stucco siding is that it makes your house almost impenetrable. Since stucco is a cement-based material, it’s literally as hard as a rock and resists rain, strong wind and fire. Best of all, after stucco is installed it doesn’t need to be painted and is virtually maintenance-free.

Saves You Money

Since stucco also protects your home from the sun, it automatically repels high temperatures saving you money on your energy bill. Stucco is a terrific insulator keeping the inside of your house cool and comfortable. This prevents your cooling system from working overtime even on the hottest days.

Increases Your Privacy

In the same way that stucco protects your home from the elements, it also becomes a sound barrier increasing your privacy. That means passersby can’t hear conversations from outside the home. You also won’t be able to hear noisy traffic, barking dogs or other neighbors, providing peace and quiet to enjoy family time.

When it’s time to redo your home’s siding, stucco is an excellent choice. Its versatile nature strengthens your home, saves you energy and maintains its beauty for decades.