The Top Signs You Need to Schedule a Mold Inspection

If mold starts to grow in your home, it poses a serious risk to your home’s structure. However, that’s not all. Mold can also put your health in danger.

Due to the dangers of mold, it is essential that you know the signs it is time to schedule a mold inspection Portland. Learn what these signs are below.

Water Damage

Mold requires moisture to grow. If no moisture is present, mold cannot grow or survive. If your home experienced water damage at any time, it’s a good idea to call for an inspection right away. The professionals can determine the source of the moisture, make repairs, and mitigate the growth of harmful mold.


Be aware of leaks in your home, too. While a leaky faucet is quite annoying, there is the possibility they can do more damage than you think. If the leak isn’t fixed in a timely manner, mold and mildew may begin to grow. Mold can quickly spread from the source into your AC system and throughout your entire home.


A humid climate can also create the ideal environment for mold to grow. In fact, you must keep RH (relative humidity) levels in your home under 60%. Along with preventing mold growth, lower humidity levels will reduce the likelihood of pest infestations, too.

Strange Smells

Mold has a distinct odor. If you start to notice a moldy or musty smell in your home, it’s a sign you are dealing with mold.

Don’t Wait to Call for Help

If you believe you have a mold issue in your home, don’t wait to call for a professional inspection. The professionals can find the source of the mold and make the needed repairs to eliminate its presence. The fact is, mold can cause many problems, which is why you need to handle the issue right away.