Tips for Having a Successful Estate Sale

Having an estate sale is like have a garage sale but on steroids. An estate sale can help those looking to downsize get rid of their stuff more quickly. You can make your estate sale a successful money-making venture with these tips.

Inventory the Property

Do a walkthrough of the home or property and make a master list of everything that you will be selling. Mark the condition of each item, as you will be able to figure out a fair price on you do some research. Use a scale or “poor” to “ like new” and applicable stages in between. Price the items according to their condition or what your research has advised.

Clean It or Fix It

Though the purchase process in an estate sale is “as is,” you may want to clean up or fix broken items in order to increase the value. Something that you had originally thought unsellable could be worth several dollars to the right buyer, especially if the condition says so. Don’t spend a lot of money to have things repaired unless there is significant value in the item.

Have a Contingency Plan

Always set up a contingency plan for the estate sale. The goal is to be rid of unwanted stuff, and if you don’t get enough buyers, consider donating the items. You can look up junk removal reviews Palo Alto CA to find a company that hauls off junk or donatable items, and having this plan already in place can lower stress after the event has taken place.

Don’t Skimp on Advertising

Take good quality photos that highlight key items of the sale and advertise through social media channels, Craigslist, online classifieds, or the local papers. Have large, bold-print signs posted all around the community near the address a few days before the sale, and make sure the house is clearly identified on the day of the event.

Getting in the right buyers is one key to a successful estate sale. Being organized, flexible, and willing to let go of items are other important components.