Key gets stuck in the door – What you need to do?

Key stuck in the door looks like an impossible task to handle.

What do you need to do now to get the key out of the keyhole?

Try to hold the lock with one hand and effort to unlock the door with the other hand. This resistance and stability created by hands will help you to get the key out. If you get fail to bring the key out, there is still no need to worry about it.

Fortunately, some strategies can be used to get the key out of the door:

Try Ice or cold pack:

To remove the key easily from the lock, apply ice or ice packs to the door lock. Metals get contracted due to cold and make the key slightly smaller that can be easier to remove the key. This trick is best when the season is hot.

Twitch the key:

By twitching or jiggle the key is also a way to check the lock to see if it is possible to dislodge. Don’t apply too much force or the key may get further in against the lock pins. Try to create slight movement in a different direction to make it easier to remove the key.

Try spraying lubricant:

Often a key gets stuck into the lock because of un-well lubrication of lock. If it is possible, try a can of spray lubricant to spray the lubricant into the lock, and with little effort, the key will get removed. This is often difficult to find a spray lubricant just outside of your house, and you cannot leave the house with a key stuck in the door. So, let’s move to the ultimate solution.

Contact a professional locksmith:

If all the mentioned tips get failed to dislodge the key from the lock, no need to get panicked because it is the time to call a professional locksmith. The emergency lockout service by a reputable and licensed locksmith can solve your problem within minutes.

Whether it is the first time or your key consistently gets stuck in the door, TORONTO TOP LOCKSMITH can deal with the issue in the most professional way. This locksmith service is serving the Great Toronto city businesses and homeowners for sufficient years. The accredited and fully licensed team of TORONTO TOP LOCKSMITH is well trained and able to help you in the most affordable price to secure your offices and homes.