4 Reasons Living in a Log Home Is Ideal

Are you tired of subdivision life that is full of cookie-cutter houses? Perhaps you would rather own a home that is more reflective of your personality and lifestyle. If so, you should look into living in a log home. Log homes for sale Sullivan me gives the following reasons why living in a log home is ideal.

  1. Unique Works of Art

In general, log homes of today are bright and spacious, with pitched roofs and lots of windows. Far from average, each one has a design that’s all its own. Having a log home means that you have an appreciation for the great outdoors, and for all of the elements of nature being featured within your home. Perfect for entertaining, a log home makes every day feel like you are on vacation.

  1. Environmentally-Friendly

Trees are a renewable resource, as they can be replanted. Companies that utilize live trees participate in reforestation. Many builders of log homes use dead timber, anyway. In addition to this, many log manufacturers recycle the waste that is created into mulch. So, the argument can’t be made that building a log home destroys our forests.

  1. Energy-Efficiency

Today’s strict energy codes can be met or exceeded when a log home has been built up to code. Its energy consumption can be up to 30 percent more energy-efficient than a conventional home. This is because wood characteristically stores heat. A home created of wood will stay warmer in cold weather than other types of homes.

  1. Withstand Severe Weather

By their very nature, trees are accustomed to withstanding stormy weather. No tree would live for very long if it didn’t have the ability to stand up to rain and wind. Likewise, homes that are made of logs are solid enough to endure storms. Log homes tend to hold their ground even against hurricanes and tornadoes. Log cabins are enduring and will stand the test of time.

More than just a house, living in a log home is an unconventional path. Dare to step away from the norm and return to a more natural way of life.