3 Things To Know About Caring for Marble Floors

Marble floors add a touch of luxury and grandeur to any space. Anywhere from businesses to homes and even houses of worship can be the pride of the neighborhood with beautiful marble tiles welcoming visitors. To keep the look of it pristine, it’s important to treat it well. These are the three things you need to know about caring for a marble floor.

Clean It Often

Because marble is polished to a high shine, any grime or grit can damage the surface and leave it dull and unevenly worn. In any high-traffic area, the floor should be swept several times a week and mopped at least once a week. A clean marble floor is a happy marble floor that will last for decades.

Use the Right Equipment

Harsh cleaning products can be a disaster to a gleaming floor. It’s important to use soft cloths and products that are specially designed for marble. Although it is a harder material than wood or other flooring materials, it is also polished to a high shine and will show any scuff, scrapes, or chips made by harsh cleaning tools. When using a vacuum, never allow the metal or plastic brushes that can scuff the floor. Instead, use only the brush tools and carefully move the vacuum throughout the room as you go. Any moisture or spills need to be blotted up immediately, and cover entrances where people can track in rain or snow with soft-backed rugs.

Have Them Professionally Polished

For the most impressive shine, hire a floor polishing Manhattan NY company to do the job. They have special buffing equipment that is strong enough to take up the dirt and still gentle enough to do the job without damage. Even with frequent cleaning, marble floors need to be professionally polished to retain that high shine.

Marble floors can last a long time when treated properly. In order to get the most enjoyment out of your marble floors, make sure know how to clean them as well.