Considerations for Crafting Your Custom Kitchen

Can’t stand your current kitchen? If your kitchen has become unbearable, a complete remodel may be in order. However, remodeling comes with a host of decisions, each of which must be examined both on its own merits and as part of a greater project.

Floors and Walls

When designing a new kitchen, your floor deserves consideration as closely as anything else. A quality kitchen floor will be able to stand up to spills and stains along with high levels of heat and human traffic. Vinyl flooring is a low-cost, low-maintenance option with a high resistance to staining, cracking and other forms of damage. Though more expensive, ceramic tiling is equally easy to manage, with the added advantage that it lasts longer without losing its luster.

Perhaps the greatest factor affecting any room’s appearance is its color scheme. It’s believed that certain colors can influence our emotions in either positive or negative ways. You should paint your kitchen walls in a color that complements the rest of the room, including the floor and other fixtures.

Cabinets and Counters

For the serious home chef, any kitchen worth its salt will have ample space for food prep and storage. Shopping at showrooms, you’ll see that kitchen cabinets come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes to suit any layout. Additionally, you can order custom cabinets Milwaukee WI to precisely fit your personal cooking style, including special features such as a lazy Susan or a built-in wine rack.

Concerning counters, granite countertops hold up well in the hot, steamy conditions of an active kitchen. Marble, soapstone, and quartz are other popular options. Regardless of their material, make sure your cabinets are sturdily built and your countertops are supported by solid foundations.

Fixtures and Appliances

Nothing gives a fresh look to a kitchen more than modern fittings and up-to-date equipment. Sinks, stoves and refrigerators can be selected to match both your aesthetic preferences and your practical needs.

For instance, conventional home refrigerators have two separate compartments, with a freezer above and the fridge below. Some models reverse this arrangement, while recent trends favor a side-by-side configuration.

As for sinks, the double sink is still the most common setup, with one side used for washing and the other for drying dishes. However, farmhouse sinks and similar single-basin units are growing in popularity.

There are many choices to make when renovating our kitchens. Consider your options carefully so your remodel can run smoothly.