Which Kitchen Window Should You Choose?

The kitchen is the center of the home, and many people spend a lot of time in this room cooking and eating.  As with any well-loved and well-used room in a house, windows are an essential element.  There are some windows styles that are better suited to the kitchen, such as garden, double hung, casement, and sliding windows, as well as sliding patio doors.


garden window is truly unique.  The window extends out past the outside of the home and has glass on all sides.  This full glass window not only offers an excellent view of the outdoors but also provides a place to display trinkets and treasures or a miniature greenhouse for houseplants and year round herbs.

Double Hung

This window style holds the title for the most popular window style for any room in a home, and this includes the kitchen.  The most popular feature is the ease of control over air circulation.  Double hung windows provide for opening from the top or bottom.  In addition to air circulation, the option to option from the top may be safer for households with young children.  The window has safety latches on each side that keep the window from opening more than a few inches.


A casement window opens outwards with a crank and is another popular style for kitchens.  In addition to allowing control over the airflow in the kitchen, they also allow a lot of light to enter the kitchen. When the sun is shining in Chicago, your kitchen will be bright and cheery.


Most kitchens have a window above the sink.  Sliding windows are a popular choice for above the sink and kitchen counters.  This style of window opens on a sliding track, making opening them very easy.  Sliding windows are similar to double hung windows because they allow for the opening all the way or just a bit.


Technically, a sliding patio door is not a window, but it is a popular kitchen upgrade and has many properties similar to windows.  They let the light in and because they are typically larger than the average kitchen window, which equates to more light. They also provide a quick emergency exit in the case of a kitchen fire.

Upgrading a kitchen window is a relatively low cost improvement that can have significant benefits. Garden, double hung, and sliding windows are three of the most popular window styles for the kitchen.