3 Options for Landscape Lighting

Many homeowners choose to add landscape lighting to their outdoor home environment. Appropriate and properly placed landscape lighting can help you safely see pathways and entrances at night. They can also add to the security of your home. Furthermore, lighting can enhance the architectural elements and landscape design that graces your residence. For these reasons, you can consult with a landscape lighting designer to help you select from the vast number of lights available to brighten your home. Discuss with your landscape professionals these four popular landscape lighting options.

Step Lights

Steps leading to and from your residence and any steps that the landscape designer installed in your outdoor garden space, such as those found in between terrace levels, benefit from adding step lights to light the stairs. Without adequate lighting, stairs can become dangerous to traverse at night, so adding lighting fixtures to these often-used areas will improve the safety of your garden for visitor and family use.

String Lights

String lights make a cost-effective and versatile addition to your landscape lighting lineup. They can be attached to buildings or placed on poles with hooks to hold them in place in your preferred garden spots. They add cheer to your nighttime activities that take place on your patio, like dinners, entertaining or relaxing. Their flexible placement makes them a prevalent method for lighting outdoor garden areas.


Garden spotlights focus their light in one direction, providing a bright light beam. For example, you can concentrate and point this landscape lighting instrument on an object to highlight it at night. These types of landscape lighting West Palm Beach light fixtures can point upward or downward, depending on what parts of your garden space you want to highlight.

In addition to these excellent garden lighting choices, many more exist. To avoid any confusion, consult with a landscape lighting designer to create the safety and atmosphere that your garden deserves.