Easy Ways to Decorate Your Back Yard

Front yards often get far more attention than back yards when it comes to landscaping and decorating. With so many activities taking place behind the house, not on the front yard, it makes sense to invest a little time and money out back. You can do quite a bit to improve the lighting, landscaping, and deck or porch.

Adding Decorative Lighting

A back patio or porch lit by a single bulb offers plenty of room for an upgrade. Lights built into retaining walls or lining a walkway make a great touch, but wiring anything is a job for professionals. You can design your look or contract for landscape lighting design St Louis MO. Run a string of LED lights around the deck or around the porch. You can also run lights across the patio or string them in a tree or bush.

Upgrading the Plants

This is another situation where you can accomplish quite a bit without a professional landscaper. Put some mulch down around trees and smaller plants. Install a vertical planter against a bare wall or along a fence. Plant a small tree or two or add some bamboo along the side for a measure of privacy. Spend a little money on colorful annuals and place them where they are visible from the deck or from inside.

Improving the Deck

No matter how small the back deck, patio, or porch might be, there are decorative options, Improved lighting can be supplemented by some additional plants, perhaps in one of those vertical planters. Replace the old plastic chairs or wrought iron love seat with a new outdoor set that matches your tastes. Overall, there are dozens of things you can do with a patio or deck.

Homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to improving the aesthetics and utility of their back yards. Some things you can do with lighting, plants, and landscaping are easy. Other tricks might require the help of landscaping professionals or electricians.