What to Do When You Move Into Your Home

Congratulations on the exciting purchase of your new home! This is a thrilling time in anyone’s life, but it can also seem a little overwhelming. If you’re uncertain what steps you should take, besides simply moving in your stuff, use this list to get a few ideas.

Clean the Home

If possible, before you actually move your belongings into the home, it’s always smart to give it a good cleaning. If this is a previously owned home, it’s entirely possible there is still some dirt or even garbage left behind from the other owner. This doesn’t just apply to old homes, though. Brand new homes may have dust or debris in them as well. Giving the house a thorough cleaning will help ensure everything is fresh and ready for you!

Check on the Trees

When you purchase your home, take a few minutes to assess the yard. Are there any trees that look too precarious for your comfort? Or do you truly hate the types of trees that came with the home? While it can be sad to remove trees, you can always plant the kind you like at a safe distance from your home. You’ll need a professional arborist Marietta GA to take care of this step.

Change the Locks

Before you actually move into the home, you need to change the locks. This is a crucial step to ensure you, your loved ones, and your belongings are safe from not only the people who owned it before, but anyone who may have gotten a copy of the previous keys. Since you don’t know the home’s full story, the only way you can feel secure is to have a new set of locks throughout the home.

Purchasing a new home is a fantastic step, but before you move in you should clean it, remove any dangerous trees, and change the locks.