2 Things To Check Before Buying an Older Home

Thanks to the popularity of home renovation television shows, the purchase of older homes is surging. Not only are these generally less expensive to buy than a new house, but they have unique charming features that attract today’s home buyers. In addition, older homes that have lasted for decades are built well. If you want to purchase one for yourself, here are two things you need to check before you sign the contract.

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Don’t depend on the home inspector’s report to determine the condition of the house’s plumbing, as the inspector only checks that all the fixtures function correctly in the home. You need the services of a professional inspector from a sewer line leak repair Jacksonville FL company to take a look at the underground pipes. The specialist will use a camera to inspect the sewer line and look for evidence of any leaks in need of repair. The company will then provide you with an estimated repair cost to fix any issues that are discovered.


Ask the sellers if the electric wiring was upgraded in the past and the date of the work. The electrical codes for residential homes were changed in 2020 to require GFCI protection on all outlets within six feet of sinks in all areas of the house, including unfinished basements. This requirement also applies to all appliances within that range as well. If no changes have been made or completed before 2020, hire an electrician to inspect the wiring and estimate the replacement cost. Rewiring is generally an expensive and extensive project, so knowing the price upfront helps you decide if you want to continue with the purchase.

Having separate professional inspections of the plumbing and electrical systems in an older home enables you to identify what could be a costly repair expense in the future. Then, you can negotiate a lower purchase price on the house to cover the cost or select another home to buy.