5 Important Things To Consider When Installing a Pool

Many homeowners dream of the day they can install a pool in the backyard. Lazy summer afternoons lounging by the pool or boisterous parties that last well into the night can make it seem like an investment in built-in fun and family time. However, before you start dreaming of diving boards and floating lounge chairs, there are these five important things to consider when installing a pool.


It’s no secret that installing a pool isn’t cheap, but many options can help you stay within budget while making your dream a reality. For example, some homeowners choose inground pools with liners rather than concrete bases. Others choose above-ground pools that are more economical and easier to install.

Privacy and Security

Pools are considered an attractive nuisance, so you’ll need to think about how you will ensure privacy and security for your home. Many homeowners choose to plant large shrubberies or install composite fencing Texas as part of the cost of the pool installation. Figure out what your budget and your space allow to decide how best to keep swimmers out of view and trespassers out of your yard.

Local Ordinances

It’s important to know what your municipality will allow before breaking ground on anything. You’ll have to file the proper permits to begin the work, so you should have a clear understanding of what’s allowed and what’s prohibited while still in the planning phases or risk going back to the drawing board mid-project.


How much space you have in your yard will be a major factor in what kind of pool you choose to install, if at all. There are typically certain minimum requirements for space around pools and between any structures, so get an idea of what your constraints are before you think about what kind of pool you’d like to install. Many things can be changed, but the size of your yard is one factor that is absolutely non-negotiable.


It’s an aspect that’s almost too horrific to think about, but a pool always brings the chance that someone in your family could get killed or injured in it. Make sure that all family members who are old enough know how to swim, and consider things like a pool alarm and door and gate locks that only adults can open.

Installing a swimming pool can provide years of family fun and great memories. However, it’s important to know the things you must consider before the process can even get started.