Tips Before Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your Home

Coming from a stressful day at work, we all want to hurry back home, take off our shoes and our coat, throw away our cases, lie down the sofa bed and find comfort under its roof. But what if our most desired place on earth turns out to be more distressing than our workstation? Would you still charge back in getting home? Or would you rather hang out somewhere else to avoid staying long in your house?

Our house should be our safest haven, not our hell. It should bring us solace and takes away all our worries. It should be our comfort and not a place to escape from. Many factors make our home more liveable. Our family whom we live is the top reason, of course, but aside from that are the tiny details that make our house a real Home.

The physical structure of a house contributes to its beauty, and its interior set-up provides a more soothing feeling to its occupants. However, a house’s color scheme does not only make a home more appealing because it also describes the kind of people living in it. Thus, choosing the right color for your home is more than just randomly pointing in the color board!

To set your home in the best mood and to make it your most favorite harbor on the planet, make sure that you only choose the perfect paint color for its every corner!

What To Do Before Choosing the Right Color for Your Home

Check What You Have Before Picking a Color. It is a common mistake of some to immediately jump on the color that they desire before making a quick but comprehensive inventory on what they already have. Before choosing color combinations, assess first your structure, including the color of your pieces of furniture, the floor or the carpet, and other decorations around.

Your favored paint color must go along with the existing color shades of your permanent belongings. They should not be too contrasting to the point of having a confusing color picture. Besides, choosing a color that will match with your furnishings is much easier than shopping for several decorations to suit your house’s color. Also, you will never run out of colors because it has numerous varieties, but beautiful house decorations may be limited in the market.

Look For Inspiration. If you are having a hard time finding out what color you want to exude in your house, look for inspiration. You don’t have to take things alone and burden yourself unnecessarily. Try to make references and have other’s idea draw and picture out what you want.

You can browse some magazines that feature interior designing and decorating. You can also check websites to elicit ideas. Upon scanning, you can already pick at least ten sample designs that catch your interest and narrow them down to your most favorite one. Sometimes, we are tangled by what we want until it is shown to us.

Stay Safe and Settle for Neutral Colors. Neutral colors like beige, white and gray may sound boring until you mix them up with colorful and creative home decorations. When you go with neutral colors, you will not have a hard time toning and playing it along with your purchased frames, vases, and other ornaments because these colors will go with everything. Hence, neutral shades are safe and non-restricting.

Furthermore, neutral colors do not steal attention. For instance, if you want your guests to focus on your most highlighted home decoration like an ancient statue, there should be no other eye-catching colors around to make sure that they would quickly notice and appreciate that statue. Otherwise, you will have too many competing things that will surely become annoying and irritating to the eyes.

Try Out Your Color. Do not apply your paint color through your walls immediately. Sometimes we are deceived by how the color looks in the picture but is far different when used in actual, and we are just left regretful for choosing it. To save yourself and your pocket from this catastrophe, make sure that you have tried the color and see its real effect.

You can use fabrics, small furniture, pots or color board in trying out your color. You don’t have to buy gallons of colors to try them all. You can purchase cans or better yet avail samples from the market. Make small swatches and lay them beside the wall and evaluate what color fits best for your home.


Indeed, choosing the perfect color for your house is not that easy, and it’s undoubtedly complicated. It cannot be done in just a single day. If picking the right one is already giving you a hard time, do not hesitate to seek professional advice and assistance from people who know this stuff well like the Madani Group. Choose only the best team who can excellently handle your house and transform it into a home that provides you real comfort.